Our Hearing Care Services

Are you ready to hear better today? At Horan & Fevold Hearing Clinic, we specialize in hearing diagnostics and treatments for the whole family, hearing aid repairs, tinnitus therapy, cochlear implant evaluations, custom music solutions, and custom hearing protection.  Schedule an appointment today to learn more about how we can help you.

Hearing Testing

Hearing examinations evaluate the outer, middle and inner ear and are provided for all ages.

Hearing Aid Repair & Service

Repairs and servicing includes both in and out of office manufacturer repairs and follows the warranty of the patient’s hearing devices.

Tinnitus Assessment

Tinnitus assessments incorporate a combination of specific tests and patient focused questionnaires that are used to develop a tinnitus treatment plan.

Over-the-Counter Hearing Solutions

We carry OTC hearing aids for adults with perceived mild-to-moderate degree hearing loss who may not need hearing assistance in every listening situation.

Hearing Aid Dispensing & Fitting

We will help you choose the most appropriate hearing aid for your lifestyle and goals. Hearing aid dispensing includes a customized hearing aid fitting using real ear measurements for each patient.

Hearing Aid Supplies

We keep a wide variety of hearing aid supplies in stock to ensure your hearing aids are always working. We provide a wide range of supplies for almost all hearing aid manufacturers, regardless of where you bought your hearing aids. We carry numerous sizes of batteries, wax guards, domes, receivers, tubing, cleaning tools, dry aid kits, and more. Call our office today to check our stock of supplies.

Cochlear Implant Evaluation, Programming, Service & Repair

We will evaluate your functional hearing and speech understanding both with hearing aids to determine if you could benefit from a cochlear implant. We offer candidacy evaluation, programming, service, and repair to keep your cochlear implants functioning at their highest level.

Custom Earmolds

Ear impressions are used to design a custom fit ear protection that can be used for occupational or recreational purposes (i.e. swim plugs, sleep plugs, industrial hearing protection, in-ear monitors for musicians, custom electronic hunting gear, etc.)

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What Our Patients Are Saying

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“Dr. Fevold and staff are great. Got the right hearing aids for my life style. I should have gotten them sooner. Also helped me with a pair of shooters hearing protection that were custom made for me. If you like to shoot guns I would highly recommend a pair to protect your ears.”

Steve D
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“Worked with Dr Fevold to get fitted for hearing protection. He was great to work with and the end product was excellent. Would highly recommend Dr. Fevold and this clinic!”

Jeff W

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“Great experience at Horan & Fevold Clinic. Expect the best service with a friendly face. You are definitely in good hands here.”

Shannon B

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“All my dealings with the staff and especially Dr. Fevold have been very pleasant. He has made my transition to hearing aids very painless and he is very knowledgeable. It’s especially nice that the new hearing aids are functioning with my I Phone”


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